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The CEC Issued the 2006 Legislative elections report

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The CEC issued the general report on the second legislative elections which took place on January 25, 2006. The report was printed and will be distributed to the concerned official institutions, civil society organizations, political parties and electoral lists. The report will also be published in Arabic onto the CECzzz*zs website.

The Report consists of 16 chapters including a number of appendices and statistics. It sets out the CEC preparations and the results for the electoral process and the preparations for the voterzzz*zs registration operations which resulted in the registration of more than 1.3 million eligible voters until January 25, 2006. The report includes a chapter on the registration of electoral lists and districts candidates as well as the appeals submitted on the nomination process. Likewise, it includes an explanation of the electoral process and the procedures applied in order to ensure the integrity of the elections. It also includes a chapter on the early voting for the security forces.

In view of the particular circumstances for Jerusalem electoral district, the report sheds lights on the special arrangements for the city of Jerusalem and the obstacles imposed by the Israeli authorities which affected the electoral process. In its other chapters, the report sheds light on the observation process and the electoral campaigning regulations. The report includes tables detailing the CEC expenses since March 1, 2005 until the period following the second 2006 legislative elections. The report also offers a number of tables with the elections results as well as a list including the elected members of the legislative elections.

The report also puts forward special recommendations related to the electoral process in general, and particularly with regard to the city of Jerusalem. It recommends that serious efforts should continue in order to find a decent solution to the polling procedures in the Israeli post offices. The recommendations also referred to particular articles in the elections law no. (9) of 2005 which need more illustrations such as the article on the nomination and holding of public services, and the proportional allocation of seats based on the Sainte Lague method.

The CEC hopes that this report will assist researchers and parties interested in the electoral process in Palestine.


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