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The CEC decides to refer cases of violation to the Attorney General

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Today, the CEC Commissioners met in Ramallah and Gaza through the video conference to discuss the campaign finance reports submitted by the electoral lists and districts candidates who competed in the PLC elections held on January 25, 2006. The CEC received financial reports from all candidates except for four districts candidates who didn’t submit their financial statements. The CEC decided to refer the violating candidates to the Attorney General as per the law.

After reviewing the financial reports, the Commissioners decided that all reports are in compliance with elections law No. (9) of 2005 except for one report submitted by a district candidate who exceeded the limit of expenditure on electoral campaigning set in the elections law.

The CEC addressed a number of letters to the candidates for the districts and the lists who ran in the recent PLC elections demanding and reminding them to submit detailed repots for their electoral campaigns. The CEC indicated that refraining from submitting finance reports is considered an electoral crime according to the law.

The CEC has also referred cases of multiple voting which appeared in Jerusalem electoral district due to the lack of a voters list there to the Attorney General.

During the meeting, the Commissioners discussed preparations for holding the fifth round of local elections after the CEC assumed the competences of the Higher Committee for Local Elections. The CEC is currently working on counting the number of population centers and eligible voters in each local authority as well as working in coordination with the Ministry of Local Governance to allocate the borders of the local authorities.


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