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The CEC requests candidates and electoral lists to submit their campaign finance reports

Sunday, February 5, 2006

In its letter addressed to candidates and heads of electoral lists that competed in the PLC elections of 25th January, 2006 the CEC requested candidates and lists to submit finance reports for their 21-day electoral campaigns.

According to Article 2/100 of elections law No. (9) of 2005, each electoral list and district candidate should submit to the CEC, within a month from the date of the announcement of final elections results, a financial report detailing all finance resources and the amounts spent during the campaigning period.

The Elections Law has set the limit of expenditure on electoral campaigning for the electoral lists in the amount of one million US dollars or their equivalent in the currency legally circulated. The limit of expenditures for candidates, however, is set to 60 thousand USD their or equivalent in the currency legally circulated. The Law also forbids lists and candidates from obtaining any campaign finance from external or foreign sources weather directly or indirectly.

The CEC is currently studying the possibility of referring some of the finance reports received to the financial and administrative monitoring committee to ensure they have fulfilled the legal requirements.

The CEC has also requested candidates to remove all forms of electoral campaigning in the districts in order to maintain a clean Palestinian environment.


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