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The final results of the second PLC elections

Sunday, January 29, 2006

On Sunday 29th January 2006 in the presence of representatives of the electoral lists, the Central Elections Commission verified the protocols of the preliminary count. The CEC also looked into the various complaints submitted to it, the respective responses of the electoral districts and the extent of their legality.

The CEC also demonstrated the manner in which the protocols and data are entered electronically, as well as the manner in which it deals with complaints that it has received – all of which deal mainly with the behavior of candidates and their lack of respect of campaign regulations, meaning that they have no implications on the results.

The CEC released the final results of the count which were as follows: 

The list of Change and Reform obtained 74 seats; the Fatah Movement obtained 45 seats; the list of the Martyr Abu Ali Mustapha obtained 3 seats; the Alternative received 2 seats; Independent Palestine received 2 seats; the Third Way received 2 seats; and the Independents list obtained 4 seats.

These results represent a slight change in the preliminary results released by the CEC at its press conference on 26th January which were based on only 95% of the count. The final results gave Fatah two extra seats – 1 in the electoral lists and 1 in the district of Khan Younis.

Any candidate or electoral list or one of their agents or representatives can challenge these final results within a 2-day period from the date of their official release according to Chapter 1/93 of Law no. 9 of 2005 on the general elections.


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