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The CEC accredits more than 850 international observers for the Legislative Elections

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Since the accreditation period of international observers started on 24 May, 2005, more than 850 international observers have been accredited by the CEC and accreditation is ongoing.

Accredited international observers ranged between international organizations and Arab and foreign state governments. The CEC accredited 241 EU observers, 120 observers from NDI/Carter Center, more than 60 Canadian observers, 75 observers for the “Movement for Peace” (Italy), more than 20 observers from East Africa, 15 observers from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 27 observers from the Russian observation delegation. As for Arab observers, the CEC has accredited observers from the Jordanian and Egyptian consulates.

Elections Law No. 9 of 2005 stipulates that all electoral processes should be conducted in a transparent but public manner to allow observers to monitor all phases of the electoral process. To this end, the CEC issues accreditation cards for local and international observers that enable them to enter the polling centers and stations.


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