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The CEC conducts a training session for its employees on the final preparations for polling day

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The CEC held a training session today in Ramallah and Gaza for district coordinators, operation staff, and polling center supervisors.

This session was conducted in preparation for the legislative elections scheduled for 25 January as well as the early voting for the security forces scheduled for 22 – 24 January. The session focused on the CEC’s operational preparations for polling day in the electoral districts and at its headquarters.

The training session concentrated on how results are collected, the contact mechanisms between CEC HQ and the district offices, as well as practical explanations on the work of the electronic collection of results’ unit and the manual collection unit. The session also included information on post-Election Day work activities, and provided a detailed explanation on how minutes and complaints are processed. Polling and counting manuals were distributed to the trainees.

The CEC conducts regular training sessions on polling and counting procedures.


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