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The CEC refers cases of violation of electoral campaigning regulations to the attorney general

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today, the CEC referred two cases of violation of the electoral campaigning regulations stipulated in Elections Law No. (9) of 2005 to the attorney general.

One case was submitted to the attorney general after a complaint was made by one electoral list against another list. According to the complaint, the electoral list in question had conducted a rally at a hospital entrance in violation of Article 26/2 of the Elections Law. Once the complaint had been verified by the CEC, it was referred to the attorney general.

A second complaint was submitted by one of the electoral lists against two people who tore down the list’s posters and slogans. The individuals concerned are working for another list. Witnesses observed the violation. The CEC investigated the complaint and referred it to the attorney general.

The CEC will continue to take legal procedures against those who violate electoral campaigning regulations in order to ensure that the electoral process is conducted in accordance with the law.


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