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The CEC expresses its concerns regarding election arrangements in East Jerusalem

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Today, the Israeli authorities prevented several Jerusalem district candidates from conducting their campaigning activities. They were arrested and verbally and physically assaulted. They were also forced to remove their campaign posters. The CEC appeals to international observers and the wider community to exercise pressure on Israel in order to prevent any further interference in the election process and to allow CEC staff to work freely in Jerusalem.

The CEC also demands that Israel clarifies election arrangements in Jerusalem given that it has not yet provided any resolution on this issue.

The CEC expresses its concerns over the delay of this matter and stresses the importance of finding a resolution to enable Jerusalemites to take part in elections alongside Palestinians in the other districts. The CEC needs to finalize its preparations for the PLC elections scheduled for January 25th, 2006 as soon as possible.


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