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A draft for the polling and counting system for the upcoming elections is referred to the cabinet

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Today, the CEC referred the draft for "the polling and counting system" to the cabinet for ratification. The system explains the polling and counting procedures according to the mixed electoral system stipulated in Elections Law No. 9 of 2005.

According to this system, only voters who are included in the final list of voters will be entitled to vote at the polling station where they have registered. Voters will cast their votes in private. Non-private polling is not permitted. The system specifies certain polling procedures for illiterate voters and voters with special needs that ensure their privacy.

The draft system also discussed issues related to the polling and counting process, including the polling mechanisms, persons permitted to enter polling centers, the observation mechanisms, and media coverage of the process. The draft also referred to the security arrangements during the period of polling and counting which the CEC establishes in coordination with the police.

According to the draft system, each polling station will have two ballot boxes, one for the districts and the other for the lists. Each ballot box shall be distinguished from one another. Each voter shall receive two ballots stamped on the back with the polling station stamp. Each ballot shall be placed in the assigned ballot box.

In reference to the early voting of security forces, the draft system indicates that security forces will be assigned an early polling day two days prior to the official polling day. Security personnel who were not included in the lists submitted by the Ministry of Interior will be subject to the same procedures applicable to regular voters on the official polling day.

The draft system specifies the persons entitled to attend the counting process which commences directly after the end of the polling process. It also specifies the counting mechanisms for the upcoming elections scheduled for January 25, 2006.


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