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The CEC publishes the preliminary list of candidates

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Today, the CEC published the preliminary list of candidates for the districts and electoral lists. Applications of challenge may be submitted to the CEC as per the law. Candidates may withdraw their nominations no later than January 1, 2006. After the end of the legal period for challenges, the CEC will publish the final list of candidates on January 2, 2006.

The nomination period began on December 3, 2005 and ended on December 14, 2005. Upon the publication of the preliminary list of candidates, candidates, lists, political parties and any eligible voter may submit an application of challenge to the CEC HQ, the Regional Office in Gaza or at the offices of the 16 electoral districts.

The preliminary list of candidates includes the names of the electoral lists and candidates whose applications have been accepted by the CEC until the final list is published. The preliminary list contains the names of the electoral lists and the full names of candidates for the lists. As for the candidates for the districts, the list contains their full names and their candidacy title.

The order of the electoral lists on the preliminary list is arranged according to the date the applications for nomination were received, while the names of the candidates for the electoral lists appears according to the closed list which the electoral lists have attached to the applications for nomination. As for the electoral districts, the candidates’ names are arranged according to the date that the applications for nomination were submitted to the CEC.

The CEC confirmed that it is not permitted to add candidates to the districts or the lists. However, a candidate whose application has been refused by the CEC may challenge the CEC’s decision and upon approval by the competent court, his/her name will be immediately added. It is forbidden to merge two or more lists into one electoral list, or to move a candidate from one list to another, or from one electoral district to another and vice versa.

To view the preliminary list of candidates, please refer to our website or contact any one of the CEC’s 16 electoral districts offices.
The PLC elections scheduled on January 25, 2006 will be held according to the mixed electoral system that equally combines the majority system with the system of proportional presentation. Therefore, voters will fill in two ballot papers; the first will be assigned to the districts and the other to the electoral lists.


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