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CEC reopens its offices for the last day of registration of candidates and lists

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Since the announcement of the closure of its offices yesterday, the CEC has continued to exert every effort to re-open its offices today to enable the candidates of the districts and lists to submit their applications on the last day of candidate nomination.

The CEC, once again, stresses its independence and neutrality. As the CEC is not part of any political party or faction it should, therefore, not be subjected to the internal conflicts of political parties. 
The CEC cannot operate effectively under such difficult circumstances. The security of its offices is essential to maintain a positive work atmosphere. The CEC is committed to its role of conducting elections on the assigned date. It reopened its offices today from 12 pm – 12 am in order to receive applications for nomination after gaining assurances of security from His Excellency, President Mahmoud Abbas and the Minister of Interior.

The CEC hereby appeals to all Palestinian factions and those interested in the democratic process to do everything possible to enable candidates and list coordinators to submit their nominations today. It also appeals to the public to support the CEC and its work.


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