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Voter registration still open at CEC district offices

Sunday, June 12, 2005

In its meeting today the CEC decided to keep voter registration operations open at district offices and to consider additional voter registration drives in the future. The decision was made in light of the recent indefinite postponement of the PLC elections. Eligible voters who have still not registered can, therefore, still do so by visiting one of the CEC's 16 district offices.

The commissionaires were also briefed by the CEC Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Ammar Dwaik, on the process of adding newly registered eligible voters to the voters' list. Staff at the CEC data entry center have so far added around 193,360 new names to the list and are now reviewing it to remove duplications.

The newly added names include all eligible voters who registered during last month's CEC voter registration drive and around 20,000 who registered during January's presidential elections.

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