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CEC oversees the Children Council Elections in Ramallah

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) supervised the process of electing a children’s council within Ramallah municipality today Tuesday.

The elections were organized by Ramallah municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and with the help and support of CEC. CEC took part in preparing the municipality’s staff for those elections through training them along with the candidates on how to organize and run the stages of the electoral process.

The training that was run by CEC included topics related to organizing elections, candidacy, limitations of the electoral campaign, and procedures of polling, counting, and announcing results. CEC staff also took part in following up and supervising the progression of the electoral process, throughout the polling stage, as well as the counting and announcing the results stages.

It is worth mentioning that CEC gives special attention to establishing and solidifying the principles and concepts of democracy and good governance, especially among children and youth. To achieve that goal, CEC cooperates with Ramallah Municipality and other institutions to organize Children Council Elections with the objective of preparing young cadres capable of public work in the future.


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