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The CEC starts the stages of paying the dues for the polling staff

Monday, September 5, 2022

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) announces receiving the first payment from the Ministry of Finance (MoF) for the polling staff who have worked during the 2021 Local Elections. Consequently, it will start disbursing the dues of the polling staff according to the payments received from the MoF.

The CEC declared that the disbursement would start for the employees from outside the staff of the Ministry of Education, who have worked directly with the commission. It also calls on those employees to visit the Electoral District Office in the governorate in which they have worked as of Monday morning, September 12, to receive their payment vouchers, and then go to the post office banks - each in their governorate - for immediate disbursement.

The CEC confirmed that it would announce at a later time the dates for disbursing the dues of the remaining workers in the local elections.


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