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CEC concludes its preparations and clarifies Polling day proceedings

Friday, March 25, 2022

The Central Elections Commission concludes all of its arrangements and preparations relating to counting and polling for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections tomorrow; Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

In this context, it emphasizes that polling centers will open at 7:00 am in 50 localities in the West Bank, where the elections in their (Second Phase) will be taking place. To welcome more than 715 thousand voters who can cast their votes until 7:00 pm.

The CEC emphasized that voters can participate in the polling process on an individual basis. The voter must bring his/her ID to be able to cast his/her vote. Calling on all voters to head early to polling centers, and avoid peak hours; “the evenings” where it is usually crowded.

The voting process happens on a ballot paper through putting an (X) sign in a square to the right side of one electoral list only. Stressing that voting must happen with full privacy. Thus, mobile phones cannot be brought in during the voting process.

The CEC has implemented a series of procedures to facilitate the polling of illiterate citizens, and adapted polling centers, stations, and ballot papers for voters with visual disabilities. Indicating that Covid-19 health protocols propels voters, journalists, observers, agents and CEC staff to abide by wearing masks and gloves, social distancing, as well as sanitizing. 
Throughout polling day, the CEC will announce periodically; as in every 3 hours, the voters’ turnout for the Local Elections in every locality where the elections will be taking place.

This data will be broadcasted through screen monitors in its media center, and will be distributed to Media outlets and accredited journalists. In addition to publishing it on its website, and social media platforms.

With regards to the counting process, the CEC stated that the counting and tabulation of votes happens inside polling stations with the presence of interested observers, agents of electoral lists, and journalists. Results will be documented in the counting protocol which will be hung at the station’s door. Votes received from polling centers will be accumulated at the locality’s headquarters. The results of the collected and acquired votes by electoral lists will be announced. The final tally sheet will be sent to the CEC’s district offices, and from there to its main headquarters in Al Bireh.

A press conference will be held on (Sunday 27/03/2022) to announce the results of the Second Phase of the Local Elections. The names of the winners and the number of votes and seats acquired by every electoral list will be announced. As well as the final voters’ turnout percentages in general, and in every locality. The results will be published on the CEC’s website, and can be challenged before the Elections court within a week.


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