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CEC implements procedures to reduce crowding and facilitate the polling of persons with disabilities

Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Central Elections Commission implemented a number of procedures to facilitate the polling of persons with disabilities, older citizens and the illiterate. Furthermore, to reduce crowding in polling centers and stations for the second phase of the local elections, which will be taking place next Saturday. 
The CEC indicated that it replaced 23 Polling centers, as they did not accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities and older adults. While the new centers take into account their right to vote. 
Under the same context, the CEC made sure that voting persons with disabilities, who are more than 12 thousand in addition to older citizens; 65 years and older who are more than 49 thousand; will be voting in polling stations that are rehabilitated to accommodate different types of disabilities. As well as they will be located in ground floors of polling centers. 
It is worthy of mentioning, that the CEC will open 315 polling centers for voting, which will include 1203 polling stations in localities where the elections will be taking place. The CEC also calls on all citizens to double check the location of their polling centers by calling the toll free number (*600#) or through using the search engine available on its website 
On the other hand, the CEC implemented another new procedure to encourage illiterate citizens to vote without assistants; through allowing them to bring the logo of the electoral list, they will be voting for throughout the polling process. While keeping the previous procedure of allowing them to bring one assistant to a polling station if they so choose, to help them fill the ballot.


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