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CEC meets with Polling Centers’ Supervisors and continues its Outreach meetings

Thursday, March 10, 2022

CEC CEO Mr. Hisham Kuhail met with Polling and counting center’s supervisors for the (Second Phase) of the local elections from all districts of the West Bank. 
During his tour; Mr. Kuhail discussed with school principals, who will be handling the responsibility of managing polling and counting centers, the electoral process and its procedures on polling day. Mr. Sadiq Khadour; General. Director of Student Activities, Directors-General of directorates of education, Mr. Khader Shamali; CEC’s Director of Field Operation Department and supervisors of electoral districts were all in attendance.       
CEO Mr. Kuhail, emphasized the importance of partnership between the CEC and the Ministry of Education. Taking into consideration, that Polling Staff are school principals and teachers who will be representing the CEC in front of the local community, electoral lists, local and international observation bodies, and voters.
On another note, CEC district offices held outreach and awareness meetings in all governorates in cooperation with CSO’s that deal with issues of democracy, human rights and more specifically women’s rights. Representatives and candidates of electoral lists, in addition to electoral campaigning managers and political party representatives were present to discuss the details of the electoral campaigning phase. Which will be launching next Saturday. 
Through these meetings, clarifications were made regarding the limitations and regulations of the electoral campaigning phase, as well as regarding the duties, rights, and the accreditation procedures of agents of electoral lists. In addition to explanations about the role of the remaining partners of the electoral process; from observers to journalists. Furthermore, the importance of the role of women and their participation in all phases of the electoral process was emphasized.  
It is worthy of mentioning that the last date for electoral lists to withdraw will be tomorrow; Friday. The electoral campaigning phase will start on Saturday 12-03-2022 in conjunction with the publishing of the final register of electoral lists and candidates for the (Second Phase) of the local elections and will end on Thursday 24-03-20222.


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