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CEC holds a workshop for Local observation bodies

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The CEC held today, Wednesday a workshop with the participation of 35 local observation bodies. Through which, a discussion and an evaluation of the (First Phase) of the local elections took place. As well as a clarification about upcoming polling procedures, in preparation for the (Second Phase) of the Elections.

CEC CEO Mr. Hisham Kuhail, in his opening speech at the CEC’s headquarters in Al Bireh; pointed out the role of observation bodies as major partners for the CEC, and as observers to the progress of the electoral process in all of its phases with transparency and integrity. Pointing out the importance of their reports and recommendations to enhance the CEC’s work and to avoid mistakes in different aspects.

Representatives of observation bodies presented their final reports for the (First Phase) of the local elections, which took place on the 11th of December 2021. They recommended that their notes would be taken into consideration for the (Second Phase) of the elections regarding:

Adapting all centers and polling stations for voters with disabilities and old age.

Minimizing crowding in centers and stations through hanging different copies of the voters’ registry in every center while choosing polling stations that are more spacious.

The strict application of polling procedures, especially those that are specific for the illiterate.

The CEC on the other hand, informed observers of its work to take into consideration their notes and recommendations, and pointed out the details of polling procedures for the (Second Phase) of the local elections. It also reemphasized the regulations that observers and observation bodies have to abide by. Highlighting that it accredited local observation bodies with around 2000 observers. Knowing that the CEC is still receiving applications for the accreditation of local observation bodies.

It is worthy of mentioning, that the electoral campaigning period for the (Second Phase) of the local elections starts next Saturday; in conjunction with the publishing of the finale register of electoral lists and candidates. While polling is scheduled for 26/03/2022.


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