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CEC decides on submitted Objections for the Voter’s Register of Electoral Lists and Candidates

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Central Elections commission held today; Thursday, a meeting in its headquarters in al-Bireh and through “Video conference” with its members in Gaza, to look into the submitted objections for the Voter’s Register of Electoral lists and Candidates for the (Second Phase) of the Local Election.
The CEC examined 13 objections, which were submitted during the period of publishing the Preliminary Register of Electoral lists and Candidates. All Documents submitted from objactants and objectees were thoroughly examined. Consequently, all objections were rejected.  
The CEC will notify relevant persons of its decisions. Citizens may appeal CEC decisions before the Elections Court within three days. The Court will adjudicate the appeals, if they exist, and will issue its final decision within five days.
It is worthy of mentioning, that the final register of Electoral lists and Candidates will be published on 12-03-2022, in conjunction with the start of the electoral campaigning period. 


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