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CEC publishes the Preliminary Register of Electoral Lists for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections

Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Central Elections Commission announced today; Sunday, the publishing of the preliminary register of electoral lists for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections, where polling is scheduled for the 26/03/2022.
The CEC held a meeting in its headquarters in Al Bireh – Ramallah, as well as through “Zoom” with its members in the Gaza Strip; whereafter the publishing of the register showcased the acceptance of 259 electoral lists’ nomination applications. After the withdrawal of 8 nomination applications out of 267 received during the nomination period. 
In 50 localities, more than one electoral list was nominated. In 23 other localities, only one electoral list was nominated. Whereas in 28 localities, no electoral lists were nominated. In one particular locality, one electoral list was nominated where the number of its candidates was lower than that of its council seats.
The CEC added that among the accepted electoral lists, 178 were independent and 81 came from political parties (As in representing a political faction or political coalition). The number of candidates nominated for all electoral lists reached (2,537), including (678) women (accounting for 26.7% of all candidates).
The demographic of candidates according to age group is as follows: 59% for ages younger than 45, 23% for ages (46-55), and 18% for candidates ages 55+.
The CEC stated, that citizens can view the registered electoral lists and their candidates through the CEC’s official website:, through its district offices that are distributed in all governorates, or through the headquarters of each locality.
The CEC affirmed that each voter, list, or candidate has the right to submit a challenge regarding any list or candidate who has violated the nomination conditions during the period between 20-22/2/2022. Objections must be accompanied by supporting documents, and must be submitted at the CEC electoral district offices using the CEC’s official form, available at its offices and website.
The CEC will review objections and complaints within a maximum period of three days (from 22-24 of February), issue its official decision in writing, and notify the objectant and objectee. Decisions may be appealed before the Elections Court within three days from the date of notification, and the Court shall adjudicate the submitted challenges within a maximum of five days and its ruling shall be final and irrefutable. Up until the publishing of the final register of electoral lists and candidates on Saturday 12-03-2022, which coincides with the beginning of the Electoral campaigning period.


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