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The CEC announces the commencement of the Nomination period for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The CEC announced the commencement of the Nomination period for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections. It will last for 10 days starting today; Tuesday and ending on Thursday 17/02/2022.

In a press statement, the CEC confirmed that Nomination happens through electoral lists. Political parties and coalitions have the right to form electoral lists for the candidacy of local councils in their localities. The formed Electoral lists must adhere to the Local Council Elections Law No 10 for 2005 and its amendments. 

The CEC clarified that citizens can acquire Electoral lists’ Nomination applications from the CEC’s headquarters and district offices in the West Bank or through its website: Completed applications should be submitted through the representative of the electoral list with enclosures to any of CEC district offices to which the locality is affiliated.

It should be indicated that according to the Elections Law, Electoral lists must commit to the following regulations and conditions:

1) Meeting the women’s quota, which represents the minimum number of female candidates in an electoral list.

2) Meeting the age requirement for candidacy, which is 25 years of age or older on polling day. 

3) A candidate’s name must exist in the final Voter’s registry. 

4) A candidate must not be convicted with a felony or a crime against honor.

5) Being a resident of the locality a candidate wishes to nominate him/herself for at least 1 year.

6) A candidate must not nominate him/herself in more than one electoral list or locality.

7) A candidate must submit his/her resignation and a letter approving of it, if he/she’s:

• An employee for the Ministry of Local Government

• An employee for the State of Palestine (Civil or military).

• A president, A member, An employee or a lawyer working for a locality.

It is worthy of mentioning that the current Local Elections follows the same Elections law and procedures, as well as the same proportional representation system. Where the 2012, 2017 and the (First Phase) of the 2021 Local Elections were held accordingly. As the law did not witness any changes.

In a different context, The CEC continues to intensify its efforts to explain the conditions and procedures of the Nomination process to Political parties and interested citizens through its educational outreach campaign, which launched two days ago, and will last all throughout the nomination period. The campaign includes holding various workshops and meetings all around the West Bank. In addition to implementing a visual, auditory and readable campaign to raise awareness all throughout different media and social media outlets. It will include informative and motivational messages for citizens to encourage their participation in the electoral process.  Especially for youth, women, and Persons with disabilities. The CEC provides a toll free number as well: (1800300400) for citizens who have any complaints or inquiries about any procedural details.

It is worthy of mentioning that polling for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections is scheduled for Saturday 26/03/2022, and the Elections will happen in 102 localities in the West bank. Where 787 thousand eligible voters can participate according to the finale Voter’s Registry


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