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CEC updates the representatives of political parties of Nomination Procedures

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The CEC held today; Wednesday a meeting for the representatives of political parties and factions, to keep them updated of the latest procedural developments regarding the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections. 
CEO Mr. Hisham Kuhail updated the representatives of the Nomination procedures and conditions in a meeting at the CEC’s headquarters in Ramallah Al Bireh. He also, listened to and answered their inquiries about the electoral process and more specifically those about the Nomination process. 
During the meeting, Political parties and factions received a copy of the Voter’s Registry, and pamphlet of printed materials explaining the details of the nomination process. Which will start next Tuesday 08/02/2022, will end on Thursday evening 17/02/2022, and will last for 10 days. 
It is worthy of mentioning that, the CEC launched a series of educational meetings, through its district offices all around the West Bank, to raise the citizens’ awareness of Nomination conditions and procedures. The CEC also published all relevant details to its website


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