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CEC holds a meeting to raise awareness about Women’s Candidacy in the Elections

Monday, January 24, 2022

The CEC launched its outreach campaign for the nomination period during the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections; through holding meetings and face-to-face workshops with citizens and local CSOs. 
The campaign launched through a workshop in Jenin with the cooperation of Jenin Municipality and a CSO called Qin’anyyat. Representatives from formal Institutions, women’s organizations and CSOs were present. Among the topics discussed were Women’s participation in the Elections, the challenges facing them, and the available opportunities to them. CEC’s district office coordinator in Jenin Mr. Mustafa Al Zar’ini; explained the accredited nomination procedures to the participants. Especially those relating to the women’s quota; which represents the required minimum number of nominated women. 
It should be indicated, that the CEC will intensify its efforts and outreach activities during the beginning of the upcoming month to raise awareness about the Nomination period. All through face-to-face workshops, meetings all around the West Bank, and through publishing educational messages on various media and social media platforms. 
The Nomination period for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections will start on 08/02/2022 and will last for 10 days, ending on Thursday 17/02/2022. The CEC has published all relating details and forms on its website:


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