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Registration Exhibition and Challenge period commences for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections

Saturday, January 8, 2022

The Central Elections Commission announced today; Saturday, the start of the Registration Exhibition and Challenge period for the (Second phase) of the Local Elections. Which will last for 5 days, and will end on Wednesday 12/01/2022.
The CEC clarified that it opened 358 Registration, Exhibition and Challenge center across 102 localities in the West Bank, which will receive citizens form 8:00 am, until 3:00 pm. While taking into consideration that the CEC did not open any center in Gaza due to not being able to hold the Local Elections there. 
The CEC indicated that the number of currently registered voters in the localities that are included in the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections reached more than 785,000 citizens; equating to 89% of eligible voters (17 years or older), according to the estimations of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics PCBS. 
The preliminary Voter’s Registry will be published in Registration, Exhibition and Challenge centers during the announced period to enable citizens to view, ensure the accuracy of their data, rectify it if incorrect, and object on other citizen’s data if necessary. The latter can be done through submitting special forms that can be filled in Registration Centers. The CEC will adjudicate according to the previously announced procedures and legal timeframes. 
The CEC calls on citizens to review their registration in the localities they live and will cast their votes in, through its website: (, or through dialing *600# from a mobile phone.
Under this context, the CEC emphasized that registered citizens in localities that are included in the (First Phase) where Elections took place, or where lists won by acclamation; will not be able to change their data or their polling centers. Emphasizing as well the necessity of citizens adhering to Covid-19 health precautions and protocols when they visit CEC headquarters or centers. The latter include wearing masks, social distancing and sanitizing. 


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