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CEC launches its Outreach and Voter Education campaign for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The CEC launched today; Wednesday its Outreach and Voter Education campaign tailored towards the Registration Exhibition and Challenge period for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections. Which aims at raising citizens’ awareness and education about the details and specifics of this period, as well as motivating them to register to ensure their right to participate in the Elections as candidates and voters.

The campaign commenced with conducting a series of workshops and meetings in all localities that are included in the Electoral process. Through which, citizens are informed of the importance of this period and the CEC’s procedures in it, in addition to answering their questions and inquiries. That is in conjunction with the distribution of thousands of educational printed material by CEC staff in all localities where where polling is scheduled for 26/03/2022.

Within the framework of the campaign, various media outlets have been broadcasting educational and motivational spots, and ads. As well as through social media, to call on citizens to register, and to check their data in the Voter’s Registry to ensure their right in polling and nomination. All while ensuring the CEC adapts all of its printed materials and visual productions to suit people with disabilities as well.

It is worthy of mentioning, that the Registration Exhibition and Challenge period starts on Saturday 08/01/2022, and lasts until Wednesday evening 12/01/2022. Through which the CEC opens tens of Registration Exhibition and Challenge centers. Citizens can also register and check their registered data online through the CEC’s website (


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