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127 Localities are included in the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections

Thursday, December 23, 2021

The CEC received today (Thursday), the Minister of Local Government’s decision regarding the addition of localities that did not have Elections in the (First phase) to the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections where polling is scheduled for 26/03/2022.
Accordingly, 61 localities were added to the (Second Phase) of the local Elections. Resembling the localities where no electoral lists were nominated during the (First Phase) of the Local Elections. In addition to Jaba’ in Jenin, which did not participate in the polling process despite the nomination of several electoral lists there. 
The CEC clarified that with the issuance of this decision, the overall number of included localities in the (Second Phase) of the local Elections has become 127 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Knowing that, the number of eligible voters in these localities, has reached more than 1.8 million. The CEC will open the registration period between 8-12 January. 


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