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Polling Ends for the 2021 Local Elections

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Central Elections Commission announced that voting for the 2021 Local Elections ended at 7:00 pm today as scheduled, and only voters who were still inside polling centers were permitted to vote after the specified time. 
CEO Hisham Kuhail, emphasized in a press conference, held in the CEC’s Media Center in its headquarters in al Bireh, that the voting process ran smoothly and in an organized manner without major violations that could influence polling result.
He also clarified that the total number of voters has reached 262,827 in 154 localities out of 405,687 total eligible voters, with a voting percentage of 64.79%.
Counting by CEC staff has commenced in polling stations immediately after the closure of polling centers. The counting protocols will be gathered in polling centers, to later publish the number of votes obtained by each nominated list in every locality.
It should be indicated that the election results of the “First Phase” of the 2021 Elections will be announced tomorrow; Sunday afternoon during a press conference, which will be held at the CEC’s media center in Al Bireh. It will include the numbers of votes and seats obtained by each electoral list as well as the names of the winners.


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