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Electoral Campaigning Period ends by Midnight

Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Central Elections Commission announced the end of the legal period for electoral campaigning for the 2021 Local Elections, which started on Saturday 27/11/2021, and lasted for 13 days up until this evening. 
According to the elections law, and the previously announced legal calendar and timeframes; The CEC clarified that electoral lists and their candidates are prohibited from conducting any form of electoral campaigning starting from 12:00 am on Friday 10/12/2021, as in 24 hours before Polling. 
The CEC called on all electoral lists, candidates, media outlets, journalists, and citizens to not publish any electoral campaigning material about the elections after this date, as this will be considered a violation to the provisions of electoral campaigning and the Elections law. Any violators will be subject to legal accountability. Emphasizing that, on polling day as well, Electoral campaigning is also prohibited in all its forms.
Polling for the “First Phase” of the 2021 Local Elections is scheduled for Saturday 11/12/2021 in 154 localities in the West Bank. Polling centers will open their doors at 7 am until 7 pm to enable eligible voters, who are estimated to be around 405 thousand voters, to cast their votes. The CEC indicated that citizens can view the final registry of electoral lists and candidates, as well as their electoral platforms through its website: (



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