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The 2021 Local Elections: Accreditation of thousands of Agents, Observers and Journalists

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Central Elections Commission announced the end of the accreditation period for journalists, local and international observers and agents of electoral lists. All of which have an important role in covering and observing the electoral process, where polling is scheduled for 11/12/2021.
The CEC clarified in a press statement, that it accredited more than 2700 agents of nominated electoral lists, as well as more than 1700 local and international journalists from various visual, written, or heard media outlets to cover the electoral process. The CEC accredited 37 local observation bodies, with more than 1500 observers, while the number of accredited international observers and guests reached 150.
It should be indicated that the CEC issued accreditation cards for agents, observers, and journalists according to the conditions and procedures, which allow them to enter polling centers and stations to observe and provide media coverage on the electoral process. In addition, it provides them with the necessary information about the latter as well. 
Furthermore, the elections law and the CEC’s procedures give accredited observers, journalists, and electoral agents the right to enter polling centers and stations to observe the electoral process. All within the context of specific provisions and limitations that preserve and ensure a smooth flow of the electoral process, with full adherence to Covid-19 health protocols. 



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