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CEC concludes the training of Polling and Counting Supervisors and Staff

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Central Elections Commission held over the duration of the past 4 days; 4 central training workshops for its polling and counting supervisors and staff for the 2021 Local Elections. 

The CEC clarified; that more than 90 supervisors have participated in the workshops in the CEC’s Headquarters in Al Bireh – Ramallah.  The workshops included:

• Training on polling and counting procedures.

• Conducting full simulation of the electoral process.

• Training CEC staff to deal with voters from all societal groups.

• Sharing the code of conduct that is meant for all partners of the electoral process from: Candidates, agents of electoral lists, Observers, Journalists and guests.

• How to deal with complaints and notes. 

Consequently, the latter supervisors will handle the training of 4000 other CEC polling and counting staff through conducting 160 decentralized workshops, which will take place all over the West Bank’s districts. The participating polling staff have been selected in cooperation with the ministry of Education, to work in 222 Poling centers in all localities where the polling process will be taking place.

It should be indicated, that Polling day is scheduled for the 11th of December 2021, in 154 localities in the west bank, where 405,687 eligible voters will be able to vote.

Polling awareness and Outreach Campaign Launches

The CEC launched on Wednesday, its polling awareness and outreach campaign that is specifically tailored to polling and counting for the 2021 local elections. The campaign aimed at raising citizens’ participation in the polling process, as well as informing them about its details. 

Details about the polling process were published in different media and social media platforms. In addition to launching a field campaign, where more than 50 employees worked in all districts of the West Bank, to publish and distribute motivational and informative printed material about the steps of the polling process. With regards to publications and awareness material, all were produced; taken into consideration the needs of persons with disabilities and the illiterate.

As part of the outreach and awareness efforts, the CEC produced recorded simulation videos about the details of polling day; for voters in general, for people with disabilities, and the illiterate. In order to raise awareness about all the details and procedures that citizens will come across as they practice their right to vote. 

The CEC provides a toll free number as well (1800300400) where citizens can call to enquire about any procedural details or the location of their polling centers as well as submit complaints. Finally yet importantly, the CEC provides to voters through its website: ( the service of finding their polling centers, and it emphasizes that its website is updated with the latest information and details about the 2021 Local Elections.


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