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The CEC Publishes the 2021 Local Elections Calendar

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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) published today the 2021 local elections calendar (first phase) in accordance with the Cabinet decision issued on September 6th which sets the elections day on December 11th.

According to the published legal timeline (link), registration exhibition and challenge will be conducted from 3-7 October, followed by nomination over ten days during the period from October 26th until November 4th. The final list of nominated electoral lists will be published on November 27th coinciding with the commencement of elections campaigning, which will end on December 10th.

Polling day is set on Saturday, December 11th. The preliminary election results will be published the following day while the results will be announced within 72 hours from the end of the counting process.

It should be indicated that the CEC received last Monday, the Cabinet decision which identified the localities in which elections will take place in the first phase, i.e. 387 localities representing classified ‘’C’’ village and municipal councils in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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