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CEC Finalizes Approval of All Electoral List Applications

Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) announced finalizing the approval of all submitted electoral list applications, including the nomination applications of six additional lists today, accounting for 36 lists now running in the legislative elections scheduled on May 22nd. The CEC did not reject any of the submitted applications.

The coordinators of the six lists accepted today will be officially notified by the CEC. The newly-accepted lists are as follows:

- Falastin Al-Muwahhadah “United Palestine List”

- Al-Hurriyah Wal-Karamah “Freedom and Dignity List”

- Kafa’ah “Competence List”

- Al-A’dalah Lil-Jamee’ “Justice for All List” (Independent)

- Al-Hurriyah “Freedom List”

- Harakit Fateh “Fatah Movement List”

The CEC will announce the preliminary register of lists and candidates, both on its website and within its various offices, for three successive days beginning Tuesday morning, April 6th. 

The CEC wishes to inform the electoral lists that their application registration numbers (indicated on both the lists’ application receipt and approval notifications) will be used for archiving and documentation. These numbers are not necessarily indicative of the order in which the lists will appear on the ballot paper. This may change, however, in the event of list withdrawal. The order of the lists on the ballot paper will be fixed following the end of the legal period for electoral list withdrawal, which is scheduled for April 29, 2021.

The CEC affirms that in this stage, following the end of the nomination period, it is prohibited to make any additional changes or amendments to a candidate’s name or data within the list. It is also prohibited for lists to add, replace, or withdraw any candidates at this time. However, any nominated list may withdraw their nomination until April 29th in accordance with the published elections timeline.


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