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CEC Chairman Announces the 2021 General Elections Calendar

Saturday, January 16, 2021

CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir welcomed the issued presidential decree calling for general legislative and presidential elections.

In a press conference held today, Nasir called upon all political factions and Palestinians to take part in the electoral process.

Nasir also announced the electoral timeline for the 2021 general elections, stating that the first stage of voter registration will be from 10-14 February for both elections, indicating that registration is a condition for elections participation as voters and candidates in the upcoming elections. Nasir also stated that online registration, through CEC website, is also possible as of today and that Jerusalemites, holders of Jerusalem Identification cards and residing in Jerusalem are automatically enrolled in the voter’s registry.

Dr. Nasir also explained that the electoral system by virtue of elections law no.1 of 2007 and its amendments is the fully representation system whereby the whole nation is considered one constituency and nomination is through electoral lists whether party lists or independent. 

Dr. Nasir also stressed that health protocols of the Ministry of Health pertaining to Covid-19 will be followed through all stages of the electoral process to ensure safety of electoral cadres and the voting public.

According to the published elections calendar, the key electoral stages will be as follows:


Legislative elections:

- Voter registration will commence on 10 February for five days.

- Publishing of the preliminary voters list will commence on 1 March over 3 days.

- Nomination will commence on 20 March over 12 days.

- Election campaigning commences on 1 May for 21 days.

- Early voting of security forces will be on 20 May.

- Polling day on 22 May.

- Publishing of the preliminary elections results on 23 May.


Presidential Elections:

- Nomination will commence on 6 June over a period of 12 days.

- Election campaigning commences on 9 July for 12 days

- Early voting for security forces on 29 July.

- Polling day on 31 July

- Publishing of preliminary election results on 1 August.


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