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CEC Chairman Submits Report to the President on Elections Consultations with Factions

Basel Alqasem

The Chairman of the Central Elections Commission (CEC), Dr. Hanna Nasir, presented today a report to Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas, containing all factions’ responses with regards to general elections.

Dr. Nasir indicated in the report the approval of all factions to the holding of legislative and presidential elections according to the foundations laid out by Mr. President in his letter to the CEC on 4 November 2019. Dr. Nasir also stressed CEC’s technical readiness to hold elections. Copies of the report were also sent to the factions who submitted their responses to the president with regards to general elections.

By this, the CEC has positively completed all internal consultations with factions concerning general elections. The conduct of elections will be decided by the President, through a presidential decree setting elections date, in accordance with the law.

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