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The CEC, MoLG and PCBS issue the 2019 Directory of Local Authorities’ Electoral Boundaries

Basel Alqasem

The Central Elections Commission (CEC), the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) published today the 2019 Directory of Local Authorities’ Electoral Boundaries which includes all the information related to localities in terms of boundaries, population and classification, in addition to camps in the West Bank (WB) and Gaza Strip (GS).

In his speech during the signing ceremony held at CEC headquarters in Al-Bireh, CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir, commended the joint efforts and collaboration which led to the issuing of the directory, indicating that the directory constitutes a key pillar in local elections as it provides the electoral boundaries for all localities and sets the electoral boundaries for electoral districts which serves general elections. Dr. Nasir also appreciated the complementary and participatory work among all relevant bodies in preparation for the upcoming general elections.

Minister of Local Government, Majdi Al-Saleh, said that the directory is the results of efforts of the three organizations, stressing its importance in providing information related to planning programs, which contributes in the development of local authorities.

On her part, Ola Awad, head of PCBS, stressed the complementary roles and actual partnership among all organizations in achieving tasks in an integrated institutional approach with participation of all concerned parties, which constituted a model for integrated work among institutions.

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