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The CEC Meets with the Elections AD HOC Working Group

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) met today with members of the Elections AD HOC Working Group (EAHWG) at its headquarters in Al-Bireh.

During the meeting CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir, discussed the recent developments with regards to preparations for the anticipated general elections and results of CEC’s consultations with political parties and civil society organizations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Dr. Nasir stressed on the importance of exercising pressure by the international community on the occupation government to allow for conducting general elections in Jerusalem as the case in the rest of Palestinian territories. Dr. Nasir also stressed on CEC’s technical readiness to conduct elections, pointing out that elections will be conducted in the presence of local and international observers in accordance with international standards.

On their part, EAHWG members commended CEC’s efforts and expressed their confidence in the integrity and transparency of CEC’s work and their support for the electoral process.


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