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The CEC Meets with Political Parties in the West Bank

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) met today with representatives of political parties at CEC’s headquarters in AL-Bireh.

During the meeting, CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir, discussed with political parties the outcome of his latest meeting with Mr. President, Mahmoud Abbas, with regards to President’s intention to call for general elections followed by presidential elections and authorizing the CEC to continue meeting with representatives of political factions.

Dr. Nasir explained that such meetings come as part of CEC’s role in creating a suitable environment for elections to take place and promoting participation of all political parties. The meetings aim at listening to the parties’ positions and attitudes towards elections which is an important step for the success of the democratic process and ensuring a wider participation.

On their part, attendees confirmed that elections is a constitutional right and is due to renew the Palestinian political system and stressed on the importance of consolidating efforts to ensure the holding of elections and reaching the required consensus for its success.

The CEC is scheduled to meet with representatives of CSOs within this week prior to meeting with political factions in the Gaza Strip later on for the same purpose.


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