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The CEC Publishes the Preliminary Results of the 2019 Re-Run Local Elections

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The CEC Publishes the Preliminary Results of the 2019 Re-Run Local Elections

CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir, announced today the preliminary results of the 2019 Re-Run Local Council Elections held yesterday after the completion of counting of votes, data management and allocation of seats.

Prior to this announcement, the CEC held a meeting early this morning to review the elections reports and endorse the preliminary results of the elections which was held in seven localities in this West Bank which are: Hizma, Qifeen, Qabalan, Jayous, Kafr Al-Deek, Tafouh and Beit Awwa. The published results include the number of votes and seats obtained by electoral lists and the winning candidates. The results were published through CEC’s website.

According to published results, the voting percentage reached 58.2% of the total eligible voters in the seven localities with 16,717 valid votes representing 97% of the total votes, 207 blank ballots (1.2%) and 314 invalid ballots (1.8%).

According to local elections law, voters, candidates or candidates’ agents may appeal the elections results before the elections court within one week of publishing. The Court adjudicates appeals within five working days of appeals submission and issues its decisions which are considered final. The final elections results will then be published and handed over to the Ministry of Local Government. 

On this occasion, the CEC extends thanks and appreciation to Palestinians who took part in the electoral process as well as to the following: The Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Interior and the security forces, Ministry of Civil Affairs, the media, political parties and electoral lists, local observers and CEC staff for making a success of the electoral process.


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