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481 among the most important websites for Palestinians during 2021

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The CEC achieved a new traffic record received by its website during the year 2021, which witnessed two electoral events; the (Postponed) General Elections, and the (First Phase) of the 2021 Local Elections. 
In a press statement, the CEC announced that according to google, its website ranked 6th among the most searched and visited websites by Palestinians during the past year. 
In addition, the number of visitors to the CEC’s official website: ( exceeded 3.5 million last year, who have surfed more than 24 million pages, with an average of 6 pages per visitor. 
Moreover, the CEC indicated that website traffic reached its prime in February 2021 during the registration period for the (Postponed) General Elections, with more than 750,000 visitors that month, and 9 million pages surfed. While the “First Phase” of the Local Elections in December attracted 300,000 website visitors with more than 1.3 million pages surfed. It is worthy of mentioning as well, that the website witnessed it highest traffic in one day last year as well during polling day for the Local Elections with around 29,000 visitors, followed by 24,000 visitors during results’ announcement day (12/12/2021). 
The CEC’s data indicates that more than 67% of the traffic its website received came from mobile phones.  While the Elections Law is among the most downloaded documents among its visitors. 
The CEC pays special attention to its website, and ensures it gets updated continuously and regularly as it is the main reference for the audience to acquire all the necessary information and details regarding each one of the Electoral stages. In addition to it having information about the CEC, its work and duties, as well as an archive of all previous Electoral processes.

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