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Nomination commences for the 2017 complementary local elections

Nomination commences for the 2017 complementary local elections

Basel Alqasem

The CEC announces commencement of nomination for the 2017 complementary local elections as of today June 10th until June 19th . Complementary elections is scheduled on 29 July 2017 in 70 localities in the West Bank. Nomination of candidates will be through electoral lists in accordance with the system of proportional representation and the same set of procedures applied in the 2017 local elections on the basis of local elections law No. 10 of 2005 and its amendments. 

Nomination forms may be obtained from any of CEC’s district offices in the western districts or CEC’s webpage. Completed nomination lists should be submitted through the representative of the electoral list with enclosures to any of CEC district offices to which the locality is affiliated.

According to law, political parties, coalitions, or groups may form electoral lists for the purpose of nomination for the membership of local councils provided that the number of candidates in a list should not be less than the majority of seats designated for the locality.

The candidate of an electoral list should meet the following requirements:

- Be 25 years or above on elections day.

- Be registered in the final voters’ list of the locality he/she is nominated for the membership of its council. 

- Not be convicted with a felony against honor or a crime.

-Not be an employee of the Ministry of Local Government or any or the security forces or the local authority or an advocate of the local authority. He/she should not be a president or a member of the local authority (unless resigned).

-Be a resident within the local authority for no less than one year.

-Not be nominated in more than one local authority or electoral list.

According to law and CEC procedures, if a list or any of its candidates fail to meet any of the nomination requirements stipulated by the law, or if the nomination information provided in the nomination application or any of the enclosures proved to have incorrect data, the whole list will be rejected.

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