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The CEC commences its preparations for conducting the next phase of the local elections

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The CEC commenced its work in preparations for the next stage of the local elections which will be held in around 62 population centers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Four stages of the local elections have been completed until now. The CEC is now responsible for holding the next phase of the local elections, which its date hasn’t been fixed yet, after it has technically received the local elections files from the Higher Committee for Local Elections.

The CEC is currently working on counting the number of population centers and eligible voters in each local authority as well as working in coordination with the Ministry of Local Governance to allocate the borders of the local authorities based on the approved structural maps.

The CEC would like to clarify that any voter whose name is included in the local elections voters list for previous phases will not be registered in the voters list based on which the final stage of the elections will be held and therefore, will not be able to vote even if he hasn't actually voted in the previous phases.

Local Councils Elections Law No. 10 of 2005 stipulates that the competences of the Higher Committee for Local Elections (HCLE) will be transferred to the CEC by the end of 2005. The HCLE handed over to the CEC a number of documents and files for the previous stages of the elections. In this context, the CEC affirms that it shall not be responsible for any financial liabilities pertaining to the HCLE before that date.

New materials have been added to the local elections section such as the Local Councils Elections Law No. 10 of 2005, as well as detailed elections results and statistics for the previous elections rounds and the localities in which local elections were held.


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