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The electoral process is over in all electoral districts with the exception of East Jerusalem.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

 At 7 pm the CEC announced the end of polling for the second Palestinian legislative elections in all electoral districts and declared that voter turnout in all electoral districts reached 77.69%. Voting is continuing in some of the districts where voters were already in the queue waiting to cast their votes. The electoral district of Rafah obtained the highest percentage of votes at 89%. The total number of voters in all the West Bank districts reached 585,003 or 74.18%, while in the Gaza Strip, the total number of voters reached 396,079 or 81.65% of the total number of registered voters.The total number of voters in all electoral districts reached 981,082.

Voting in East Jerusalem post offices was extended upon the approval of the Israeli authorities due to lengthy queues as a result of obstructions by post office workers.

The total number of voters in the Jerusalem suburbs reached 22,661 out of 47,742 voters, i.e. 47.5%. The total number of East Jerusalem voters who cast their votes at the 14 special polling centers established for them by the CEC in the suburbs of Jerusalem stands at 15,306 voters.


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