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The Local Elections: Distribution of Ballot Boxes and Polling Materials

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The CEC commenced its final preparations for polling day which will be taking place next Saturday for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections.  The Latter will be through the distribution of ballot boxes and polling materials from its main warehouses in al Al Bireh to its warehouses in the West Bank Districts. According to previously set logistical plans.

The CEC prepared 1203 ballot boxes, to be distributed to Polling stations (Classrooms) in 50 localities in all districts of the West Bank. Clarifying that transferring the ballot boxes goes hand in hand with preparing and transferring all polling supplies and stationery; including voters’ registries that are specific for each center, the electoral ink, and ballots for each locality. In addition to hygiene and health products to protect against Covid-19 like facemasks and sanitizers.

It should be indicated that transferring ballot boxes to all districts will last until next Thursday. On Friday 25/03/2022 ; the process of distributing the ballot boxes to (schools) or polling centers in all localities will commence in preparation for polling on Saturday; the following day.

The CEC indicated as well that the distribution process happens in full coordination with the ministry of interior, which provides police protection for the processes of transfer and distribution. Police officers will safeguard the polling stations and centers, after the arrival of ballot boxes and polling materials to them.


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