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CEC condemns the occupation’s practices and the detention of candidates

Monday, March 21, 2022

The CEC condemned the occupation for arresting and detaining a number of candidates who are running for the local elections. Among them were heads of electoral lists.The CEC stated in a press statement that it considers this to be an explicit interference in the electoral process and a violation of freedoms and democratic practices.

The CEC views the practices of the Israeli occupation as dangerous, emphasizing that the existence of necessary freedoms is crucial for holding the Local Elections in a democratic atmosphere. Which will give all political parties and factions, electoral lists and candidates equal opportunities according to international standards that ensure justice and integrity for the elections.

The CEC calls for the immediate release of arrested and detained candidates, and hopes for the legal intervention of human rights international organizations. In order to put an end to such practices that are considered an interference in internal Palestinian affairs.


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