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On International Women’s Day … Women Comprise Half of Registered Voters

Monday, March 7, 2022

The Central Elections Commission saluted Palestinian women today in honor of International Women's Day, which falls on March 8th of each year. Emphasizing the important role women play in the Electoral process as employees, candidates, voters, observers and journalists.
In a press statement, the CEC clarified that women comprise nearly half of registered voters according to the voter’s registry; more precisely (1,274,623) female voters. Constituting approximately 49% of the total number of eligible voters during the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections.
Regarding the nomination phase during the local elections, the CEC highlighted that 678 female candidates were nominated, in all electoral lists, according to the preliminary register of candidates. Constituting (27%) of the total number of candidates in all lists. Highlighting as well that 8 electoral lists are headed by women.
The CEC indicated that women comprise nearly 40% of accredited observers, and 20% of the total number of accredited journalists, who will be observing and covering the electoral process.
It is worthy of mentioning that, the CEC works with CSO’s through various projects to raise awareness about women’s electoral rights, and to increase women’s political participation.


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