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The Elections AD HOC Working Group holds its periodic meeting with the CEC

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Elections AD HOC Working Group in Palestine, held today; Wednesday its periodic meeting at the CEC’s headquarters in Al-Bireh. Headed by Dr. Hanna Nasir; chairman of the CEC and attended by country representatives, as well as representatives of international institutions who support the Elections.

Dr. Nasir, informed the attendees of the latest developments regarding the CEC’s preparations in holding the upcoming local Elections on the 26th of March in the West Bank, according to international standards, and the Palestinian Elections Law. In attendance were local and international observers and guests. Dr. Nasir later expressed his hope in holding the general elections as soon as possible.

On her part, Ms. Maria Velasco; The Deputy Chair of the Elections AD HOC Working Group and Deputy Head of the Delegation; EUREP in Palestine praised the CEC’s efforts in holding the Elections, and emphasized EU’s trust in the transparency and integrity of the CEC’s work, as well as supporting its efforts in holding the Elections in Palestine. “We care for democracy in Palestine” Ms. Velasco added, stressing the importance of having national elections to contribute to end the division, enhance democracy and human rights. She added that EU was happy to participate in a joint diplomatic watch exercise, together with other countries, on polling day: 26-03-2022.

On the other hand, CEC’s CEO; Mr. Hisham Kuhail provided the attendees with complete statistics and numbers regarding the two phases of the Local Elections. In addition to a clarifying the upcoming plans for holding the second phase of the local elections by the end of the current month. As well as highlighting the series of outreach projects implemented by the CEC in partnership with local CSO’s during the previous year, which were funded by donating parties.

It is worthy of mentioning, that the CEC will be receiving the Elections AD HOC Working Group as guests on polling day: 26-03-2022. Furthermore, the Group consists of the CEC’s donating parties and it holds periodic meetings to discuss the latest developments regarding the Elections in Palestine.


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