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CEC receives Observation Reports for the (First Phase) of the 2021 Local Elections

Sunday, January 30, 2022

The CEC received the final Observation reports from local observation bodies that were accredited to observe the (First Phase) of the Local Elections, which were held on Saturday: 11/12/2021.
The CEC stated in a press statement, that it received 11 Observation reports. Explaining that most recommendations and notes were on Polling Day. The CEC emphasized that it benefits form and examines these reports to be able to develop established electoral protocols and procedures for the electoral process. Including the ones for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections. 
The CEC added that it looks forward to receiving reports from all 37 accredited Local observation bodies that have observed the (First Phase) of the Elections. Due to their role in developing its procedures and work in a manner that ensures and safeguards the integrity and transparency of the Electoral process.
Applications for the Accreditation of local Observation bodies can still be submitted online with their attachments for the (Second Phase) of the 2021 Local Elections. Up until Wednesday 16/03/2022. While it is worthy of mentioning that; previously accredited observation bodies for the (First Phase) of the Local Elections are automatically accredited for the (Second Phase).


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