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Commencement of The Registration, Exhibition and Challenge Phase for the 2021 Local Elections

Sunday, October 3, 2021

The CEC announced on Sunday October 3rd 2021; the commencement of the Registration, Exhibition and Challenge phase for the (First phase) of the 2021 Local Elections. Which will last for 5 days, ending on Thursday evening 7/10/2021.
The CEC clarified that all 480 centers for Registration, Exhibition and Challenge shall open their doors from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm in all 376 localities where the (First Phase) of the Elections will be happening in the West Bank. As well as providing the possibility for online registration through the CEC’s website: ( Emphasizing the importance of citizens adhering to the COVId – 19 health precautions and protocols, which include wearing facemasks, social distancing and sanitizing. 

Review .. Object
The CEC clarified that the preliminary voter’s registry is published in all Registration, Exhibition and Challenge centers, for citizens to view, ensure the accuracy of their data, rectify it if incorrect, and to object on others. Citizens, as well, can check their data through the CEC’s website, through calling from a mobile phone on (*600#) or through calling the Toll-free number (1800300400). 
Under this context, the CEC calls on citizens to review their registration in the localities they live and will cast their votes in, emphasizing that voters who are registered in (First phase) localities won’t be able to change their registration centers for (Second Phase) localities.
The CEC, notes that throughout this phase, citizens can submit objections on the registration of other ineligible voters through special forms that they can fill in Registration Centers. The CEC will process these forms according to the procedures and legal timeframes that have previously been announced. 

Register.. To participate
The CEC emphasized that voter registration is an essential prerequisite to participating in the elections through nomination or polling. It is available, for eligible voters who have not previously registered, all throughout registration centers that have opened in localities where the (First Phase) of the elections will be taking place, through electoral district offices for special registration cases, and through online registration at the CEC’s official website. In addition to the field-registration, campaign “Door-to-Door” which started in newly created local councils. 
It should be indicated that the number of previously registered voters is 2.54 million citizens, equating to 90% of the number of eligible voters, according to the estimations of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. 

Outreach and Raising Awareness 
Coinciding with the above, The CEC launched an outreach campaign, tailored precisely to raise awareness about the Registration Exhibition and Challenge phase; its details and specifics, as well as publishing educational and motivational content to inspire participation in the Local Elections.  
The campaign’s content was published through local newspapers, radio and TV stations, and social media channels. In addition to holding workshops coinciding with the start of the field-registration campaign in all localities, where printed material were distributed, ensuring the needs of people with disabilities as well, and motivating them to participate in the Elections.


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