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Elections in Jerusalem

Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) denounced the series of arrests led by the Israeli occupation authorities against Legislative Council candidates, particularly those running in occupied Jerusalem. 
The Palestinian leadership addressed a letter to the Israeli authorities reaffirming its intentions to conduct elections in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip in accordance with existing protocols. Similar to previous elections, Jerusalemites are scheduled to vote at six post offices in East Jerusalem, which hold a maximum capacity of 6,300 voters. This action requires Israeli approval due to post offices remaining under Israeli control. 
There are still approximately 150,000 eligible Jerusalemite voters that are expected to vote throughout Jerusalem neighborhoods, which does not require Israeli approval. The CEC has provided 11 polling centers in Jerusalem suburbs to enable these 150,000 Jerusalemites to vote without prior registration, and has trained the technical teams needed to carry out this task. Approximately 60 Jerusalemites were nominated within the various electoral lists. 
On April 30, 2021 the election campaigning period for the legislative elections will begin, which is set to include Jerusalem. In the event of the Palestinian leadership not receiving a response from the Israeli authorities before the commencement of the election campaigning period, or within a reasonable timeframe, the CEC, serving as an executive authority, is prepared to take additional measures. These measures will be based on the direction of the political leadership and consultations with both the Islamic and national political factions who have made great strides in forming their electoral lists.


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