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The CEC Concludes General Elections Consultations and Meets with the President

The CEC Concludes General Elections Consultations and Meets with the President

Basel Alqasem

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) concluded a series of initial consultations with political parties and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the West Bank (WB) and Gaza Strip (GS). The meetings commenced mid-October with representatives of political parties and CSOs at CEC’s headquarters in Ramallah and were concluded last Monday, October 28th, in the GS. The meetings resulted in a consent of factions and CSOs that general elections is a constitutional right and that holding of elections requires for all stakeholders to uphold their responsibilities to ensure elections are held and their results are accepted and respected.

The majority of factions that will participate in general elections have expressed their consent that presidential and legislative elections may not necessarily be conducted simultaneously, and that legislative elections should be held first, to be followed by presidential elections within three months. It was agreed to hold a meeting with representatives of factions to discuss the requirements for having a conductive environment that enables participation of all factions and citizens in the anticipated elections.

CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir, also met with President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday in Ramallah and briefed him on the results of consultations, especially those that took place yesterday in the GS. On his part, Mr. President confirmed the political determination to hold general elections (legislative and presidential) and overcome all obstacles standing in its way as well as providing all chances for its success.

The CEC will resume the necessary consultations with all concerned parties to overcome all procedural obstacles in relation with elections implementation.

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